April 24, 2007

Hit parade

More search queries from my referral logs.

1) Modest Mouse you bug me

Yeah, Modest Mouse! What the heck is your deal, anyway? Think you're so big with your #1 album and your Johnny Marr. Just step off.

2) dont want to play just want to be a winner when the main contestant wins & they call your number

This is, of course, how vice presidents are chosen.

3) writing you in confidence

Dude, it's a scam!

4) lopping of sweaters

At first I thought this was a really inept query about knitting, but then I realized it was probably someone confused by a spoonerism. Since I later got more hits on the same search string, I assume it appeared in a crossword, and based on the location of the referrals, I assume that puzzle appeared in India.

5) amputee water polo

This is one of those search queries that you joke about. Then someone actually comes looking for it. Go figure.

Posted by Francis at 08:46 AM
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