April 22, 2007

Boom, slang

Got no prior plans for Sunday evening? Opinionated about words? You may then be interested in an online chat about slang and whether it revitalizes language or makes it crappy. Handling the "A" part of the the Q&A will be Grant Barnett, cohost of A Way With Words and a very funny guy who I have, several times, nearly come to blows with while playing a parlor game in which players try to guess what famous person's name is stuck to their forehead on a Post-It note. What can I say, we're people with strong opinions. Fortunately, it hasn't diminished what is otherwise a high mutual regard. So check out the chat, if you're around.

Posted by Francis at 02:55 AM

I'm already lobbying for "nappy-headed hos" and "rampage killing" to be added to the list of banned phrases for 2008.

Posted by: Douglas at April 23, 2007 01:40 AM
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