March 18, 2007

Francis's World-O'-Links (TM)

I'd buy this alarm clock but I'm afraid it would walk to my closet one morning and say, "Oh, dear, sir, this will never do. All these shirts and ties will simply have to go."

Maybe when you hear "cat lady" you think of a crazy old woman who takes in every stray she finds and eventually ends up having her house demolished for violating health codes. I prefer to think of this. (Nipple-free yet rather NSFW; lucky for you it's Sunday, eh?)

Carol Burnett is suing Family Guy. Does it still mean she has no sense of humor anymore if the joke she got offended at wasn't all that funny to start with?

Speaking of lawsuits, here's someone suing the Internet Wayback machine for archiving her site (which has crazy harsh Terms of Service). She talks about the suit here, on a page which, in its original version, was almost impossible to read because it was way wider than my browser window; she seems to have replaced that page with a pdf in the time since I linked to it. You can look at the rest of the site if you agree to enter in a contract with her, which I'm not especially enthusiastic about doing, myself.

I like to sing-a about the moon-a and the June-a and rumpspringa.

"You may publish my 105,000 word Symphony of Inspiration, but you have to buy the book first."

Don't paint and drive.

Finally, here's a sample mashup from Go Home Productions' import-only all-samples-cleared CD: Pink vs. Billy Idol.

(Links via various places, including Making Light, Table of Malcontents, and Reddit.)

Posted by Francis at 02:01 PM

I just can't keep concentrating to read the Profane Justice stuff. Fruit loop central is the short version. But that's laughable having people agree to unseen terms before hitting the website. And $5000 per hard copy of a web page!! I almost wish I could stomach the site long enough to find out what deluded wisdom parlays into such a ludicrous sum. I am near moved to reproduce sections of her site everywhere......but really, I just can't care that much.

Posted by: peacay at March 19, 2007 12:15 AM
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