March 12, 2007

Rest of country perhaps finally starting to notice that world is going to hell

For a long time it seemed like the Plame scandal would be the thing that finally brought down the Bush administration. It still might, but now my money's on this whole U.S.-attorneys-getting-fired thing (which I'm assuming the networks must have reported on by now). Let's see...a senator tries to push an attorney to issue an indictment against his opponent before an upcoming election, the attorney says he's not going to do that, and then a few months later the attorney gets fired. And Karl Rove was in the loop. And then there are the ousted attorneys who happened to be involved in the prosecution of prominent Republicans. And one of the replacement appointees (snuck in without Congressional confirmation) is a major Bush loyalist and possible election dirty-trickster. It's all kind of amazing in its audacity. Good thing we currently have a Congress willing to sink its teeth into all this.

If there are eight attorneys getting fired for not toeing the party line, who knows how many Bush-appointed attorneys are only too happy to pursue whatever indictments Republicans want them to? According to this Paul Krugman column, 298 out of 375 "investigations and/or indictments of candidates and elected officials by U.S. attorneys since the Bush administration came to power" involved Democrats, versus 67 involving Republicans (the rest were independents). It's enough to make one's lips tired from saying "hmmmmmm" all the time.

In other news, it turns out that maybe the whole anti-immigrant hysteria is bad for citizens! Who could have predicted that, he said with entirely predictable sarcasm.

Posted by Francis at 09:44 AM
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