March 10, 2007

The Tie Project, days 68-74

The traffic from Gawker did not result in any hostile comments, as I'd had a slight fear it might; in fact it earned me a very complimentary entry on someone else's blog. So that was nice. Anyway, time for another update.

Day 68. Not my greatest outfit, but it was cold and I wanted to wear flannel.


Day 69. This tie's appeared before (day 6). I'm sure you'll agree it would be impossible for me not to wear this shirt and tie together.


Day 70. I think my friend Charles gave me this shirt, in one of his "I thought I would wear this shirt but it turns out I don't but then I realized it sort of seemed like Francis's thing" moments, which come up every so often. The tie reminds me of a particle collision.

I wore this outfit when Rose and I went to see the new Broadway revival of Company -- which I wanted to see partly because I'm a big Sondheim fan, and partly because one of the actors, Bruce Sabath, performed in my musical, We're All Dead, and I couldn't miss his Broadway debut. (Both he and the show were excellent, by the way.)


Day 71. I've photographed this outfit before, but I didn't like how the picture came out (it really didn't do the tie justice), so I reshot it when I wore it again, this time in better light. (I think I took the first one under the fluorescent light in the kitchen because it was raining out. Bleh.)


Day 72. This is the tie I was trying to find on day 51. I love this combination.


Day 73. I like the whole concept of a tie-dyed shirt that's not actually loud. This one has a ghostly, foggy look that I'm particularly fond of. The tie is another one of the batch I bought from onetime roommate Kenny (see day 53).


Day 74. In one of those serendipitous shopping experiences, I bought this shirt and sweater the same day. (Can't remember if they both came from the same used clothing store on Atlantic or not, since I usually hit both the stores I frequented in sequence.) In what is surely becoming a familiar refrain to you, I couldn't find the tie I normally wear with this shirt and sweater, so I improvised. I perhaps need a better tie filing system.


Posted by Francis at 10:32 PM in Ties

So, Francis, are your ties shelved by Dewey Decimal or LoC?

Posted by: Matthew Sachs at March 10, 2007 11:49 PM

For some strange reason, Day 73's shirt and tie both look to me like good backgrounds for animation. Well, not a solid wall of the tie pattern--just bits here and there.

Posted by: Robert Hutchinson at March 11, 2007 02:29 AM

Love the Particle Collision tie and the foggy tie-dyed shirt, but my favorite combination on this page is Day 72.

Do you have a huge closet? Or are you just very efficient at clothing storage? :)

Posted by: Janice in GA at March 11, 2007 11:13 AM

I have a wide, kind of ridiculously densely packed closet. B-list shirts sometimes get other shirts hung on top of them.

Posted by: Francis at March 11, 2007 11:32 AM

I must know: Can the color-blind see the tie on day 69? The combo reminds me of those "can you see the number" images used to screen for color blindness.

Posted by: Orange at March 13, 2007 09:25 PM

Just as a heads-up, check out today's (3/15) Fashion Section of the NYT:
APPARENTLY--atypical fabrics and cuts are in, way in. You are so ahead of the curve.

Posted by: fran at March 15, 2007 07:52 AM

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