February 11, 2007

And now if you'll just picture the young Paul McCartney wearing thick black eyeliner

Here's that mashup I've been working on. Part of me wants to keep fiddling with volume levels and making infinitesimal rhythm edits for another week, but the rest of me has successfully told that part to get a grip already.

"Kiss Me, Eleanor" (click through for download link)

Music: The Cure, "The Kiss"
Lyrics: The Beatles, "Eleanor Rigby"

I recently found a new (to me) site for mash-up source materials, and this homemade "Eleanor Rigby" acapella (made from a Dolby 5.1 DVD, I believe -- apparently vocal tracks are often isolated on one channel of a Dolby mix) was one of them. Hearing the song without instrumentation, I was newly struck by just how bleak it is. The arrangement is so lovely, though, that it sort of ameliorates the effect of the lyrics and makes the song seem more melancholy. I thought it'd be interesting to combine the lyrics with music that plays up the dark, filled-with-existential-angst undertones. Hope you like it.

Posted by Francis at 03:02 AM
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