February 05, 2007

Various and sundry words to live by, possibly paraphrased

"A metaphor is when you say one thing and mean something else...but you're not lying." (from Gutenberg! The Musical!)

"Truth is not a sugar-coated unicorn omelet served by Mandy Patinkin." (from Friday night's Life in a Blender concert)

Did you not go to the Life in a Blender show on Friday? That is because I forgot to tell you about it. Not that you would have gone anyway, probably, because so often people do not do what I say, even though it is so obviously what they should do. But they are having another show on Thursday, where they will be selling their new CD, which I would try to peer pressure you into buying right now if there were any websites that had it for sale.

Posted by Francis at 01:25 AM
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