January 02, 2007

The Tie Project, holiday break edition

As is probably obvious, I did not stop wearing ties over Christmas week. Here's a wrap-up of last week's outfits, after the jump.

First up is a "bonus track" for day 27. Lorinne noticed that the outfit had a sort of Garden State effect when I was sitting on my futon couch, so I asked her to document it for me:


Day 28 is a repeat outfit, but it got photographed again because I added a sweater, freshly bought from eBay:


Day 29 features two gifts -- the shirt was a Christmas gift from Rose, and the tie was found by my friend Charles (someone had left it as a giveaway in the hallway of his apartment building). It's not a perfect combo, but the highly saturated blues in the shirt are sort of underrepresented in my wardrobe, so this was the closest I could get. Still pretty happy with it:


I actually have a shirt that's a better match for this tie -- it's a homemade shirt that isn't quite finished. Basically, it needs buttons. And I started sewing the buttons on a few months ago, but then I discovered I had accidentally bought buttons that were too big for a standard buttonhole size. So the need to go get more buttons kind of slowed all that down. It'll get finished before too long.

Day 30 is one of my standbys:


I think the shirt and tie are from two different trips to Daffy's. I also have a sweater (which I knit myself!) which goes very well with this outfit:


Day 31 features another gift -- a gorgeous shirt from Erin. Here I'm wearing it with a tie I've owned since high school:


I have another tie which I like even better with the shirt, but I'm a little scared to wear it, because it's on its last legs...it was vintage when I bought it, and it's getting very, very frayed. But I'll definitely break it out at some point, probably for a party, so it can be seen live by as many people as possible before it disintegrates into its component molecules.

Day 32 was my New Year's party outfit. Here's the basic version:


And here it is with the vest:


Incidentally, I've also been archiving all these photos at Flickr (at Rose's suggestion). I think the thumbnails look pretty cool, all collected in one small space. Check it out here, if you are so inclined.

Posted by Francis at 02:46 AM in Ties

I know I keep saying this, but seeing these combinations makes me really happy. Day 30 is my favorite of this set, I think, but the Day 27 bonus track is very satisfying, as well. How many contexts are there where a shirt like that could vanish into the background? Not so many, I suspect.

Posted by: I. at January 2, 2007 08:34 AM

Dude, along with all your other general excellence, you're also a knitter?!?

{bows in admiration}

Posted by: Janice in GA at January 2, 2007 11:38 AM

please don't ever stop posting your shirt tie combos

Posted by: sarah at January 2, 2007 02:01 PM

The thumbnails indeed rock. And they suggest a truly awesome possibility: a photomosaic of you made up entirely of your own shirt-tie combos.

Posted by: Rubrick at January 2, 2007 02:20 PM

Whoa. That's brilliant. I think I'll wait until I have more photos to choose from, but yes, definitely.

Posted by: Francis at January 2, 2007 02:48 PM

Regarding Day 29: I have a tie remarkably similar. Mine has a lot more blue and there is some coral that is really hot pink and in place of the sharks, mine has orcas. I think mine might be by Addiction.

Your shirt-tie pix bring me great joy. And, your knit-by-you sweater rocks.

Happy New Year!

Posted by: BAMBAM at January 2, 2007 03:59 PM

in my personal opinion...i like this tie a lot. one of few..and it goes well with the shirt..i dont like it with the vest. my particular style though is much different than yours. you seem to almost always blend in all your ties with your shirts, camouflaging them. I like my tie shirt combo to stand out. It doesnt have to be super busy or bold, but i want the tie to stick out, which is why i like this one shirt tie combo. the tie sticks out a little from the shirt, plus its a nice pattern. I love the day 124 tie from may, but with a black shirt, as well as the may 114 tie, but also with a different shirt that does not sink the tie into its colors. I am also a fan of a big thick knot at the top. i make it so that there is no tail underneath what so ever, just a tiny point under the knot that is part of the knot. If you have any info on how to make ties...or apply your own patterns to ties... i would love to know..since i am very interested in learning to make my own. THanks! e mail me!

Posted by: andres at December 24, 2007 11:47 AM

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