December 16, 2006

Days 21 and 22

It's the all-gift installment of the Tie Project today! This is what I wore to Erin's non-holiday party last night:


Rose bought me the shirt at a thrift store -- it was somewhat expensive for a used shirt ($25), but that's because it would have been very expensive if it were a new shirt. I mean, look at the prices on these ties from the same designer. And then go persuade some wealthy person to buy them all for me.

The flowery tie was a gift from my friend Alexandra. It's a good thing she got it for me, because it's not one I would have bought on my own -- viewed by itself, it's a little more conservative than my usual tie purchases. But in context with the shirt, it's just right.

This next shirt (which I am wearing to tonight's non-non-holiday party at our friend Beth's) Rose brought back with her from her recent trip to Louisiana; she got it at a vintage store she discovered on her last trip. I could not stop gushing about how much I loved it. And I knew I had the perfect tie for it (although I couldn't remember where I'd gotten the tie from)! This morning I showed Rose the combo:


She said, "Didn't I buy you that tie? I did! Wait -- not only did I buy you that tie, I bought it at the same vintage store in Louisiana where I bought the shirt!" Since both the shirt and tie are hand-dyed, I wonder if they were made by the same person? A big hat-tip to him/her/them, whoever they are!

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