November 29, 2006

For science!

I drank this with lunch yesterday, to accompany my samosas from Kalustyan's:


It tasted a lot like that minty yogurt sauce one sometimes gets at Indian restaurants, except fizzy and drinkable. Odd. My only coworker willing to try a sip was Patrick, and he didn't seem eager for a second one. I'd get it again, though.

Posted by Francis at 11:51 AM

I've got an artichoke soda thing I snagged at the nifty Asian market hereabouts, but I haven't quite worked up the gumption to pop it open yet.

Thanks for taking one for the team!

Posted by: gotcha at November 29, 2006 02:54 PM

It looks better than that horrible San Pellegrino thing Sue++ got at Concouver. Which you liked.

Posted by: Rubrick at November 29, 2006 05:39 PM

You can get it in any Afghani restaurant, and it's delicious. Ask for dhoog.

Posted by: Ruby at November 30, 2006 06:24 PM
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