September 12, 2006

In space, no one can hear you cough

I love the cover of this pulp sci-fi novel, found by Cindy and Derek:


Once I get past my initial reaction (Smoking in space! Ha ha! Good luck getting a decent draw off that!), I find that I have a lot of questions. Are we, in fact, on another planet? The caption implies we're on Earth. But if we're on Earth, why is the guy wearing a spacesuit? Unless he's actually an alien...but do aliens carry cigarettes? And since when do spacesuit helmets have no glass in the front? So many questions. I guess that's why they call it speculative fiction.

For more fun in space, watch this (innocuous) or this (highly suggestive, language NSFW).

(Thanks to Cindy for the book cover scan, and Lorinne for video #1.)

Posted by Francis at 02:23 AM

After some study, I've decided that's not actually a spacesuit, just some sort of protective military gear. With a really silly helmet.

Posted by: Rubrick at September 12, 2006 03:26 PM
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