August 16, 2006

Quote of the week

"She's the anti-Christ. She truly has the soul of a moth and the brain of a dead trout."

Posted by Francis at 12:17 PM

For the love of God, she's a CHILD. What did these ridiculous men expect?

Posted by: Super-hot 3-year-old at August 16, 2006 05:46 PM

Do you mean, "She's just a child, of course she's like that at a funeral"? Because, really, by 20, you should know better.

Or did you mean, "She's just a child, why is he dating her?" 'cause there, well, it's not just that she was a child, it's that he "has known Madison, the pal of a golfing buddy, since she was five-years-old", which is not just bad copyediting, it's creepy.

Though, really, the statement that "the stress from the May-December relationship sent him to the emergency room" is absurd. Perhaps it was, as his friend said, grief at his brother's death, and not relationship stress, that did it?

Posted by: Lance at August 17, 2006 01:23 AM

We don't even know what she was doing at the funeral. Chainsmoking? That's an addiction. Was she lighting up during the eulogy and then acting bratty when she was told to put it out? I doubt it. She showed somebody pictures of herself -- we don't know if it was one or two times (probably) or throughout the event.

It's just odd for a 59 year old man, or 40-ish (just guessing at a lower bound for the quoted guy's age) to be passing judgment over a 20-year-old kid's behavior when it was merely (possibly) insensitive or socially crude. First, what were *they* like at 19 or 20? Probably green and confused as well, making mistakes. Second, lets say she really is the idiot and sociopath this guy is implying. Any deficits, or even possible or potential deficits, of character this girl has would likely have been already apparent to a thinking adult, before Woods' brother's death. And under potential deficits, I would include "predictable due to her tender age". A better behaved and more demure young 19-year-old is not likely to have been out there in Woods' world for him to notice in the first place. And if he found himself that variety of hot budding starlet, a part of her good behavior would have been rooted, no doubt, in a 19-year-old's lack of self-assurance. (I actually think a part of these two men's new and enlightened hatred for this girl is rooted in their suddenly perceiving the her lack of deference to Woods.)

So to answer your question, I mean a mixture of both. And yes it's creepy, to which I would add that it's just stupid.

James Woods, sorry about your brother.

Posted by: Super-hot 3-year-old at August 17, 2006 07:39 AM

If there is any 50-year-old man who knows my 10-year-old niece now and then wants to date her in nine or 10 years—no. Ew. Ick. What, was James Woods just waiting for his golf buddy's little girl to be legal so he could go out with her? Ew. Who's got the dead-trout brain in this scenario, really?

Posted by: Orange at August 17, 2006 07:13 PM

Actually, it says "pal of a golfing buddy," which makes so little sense as included information that it may well have been intended to say "daughter" rather than "pal," but it is not definite what the situation was or is. Except that it is stupid, quid pro quo Q.E.D. Amen.

Super-hot 3-year-old Ashley

Posted by: Innocent Corpse Flower at August 17, 2006 10:15 PM
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