May 19, 2006

Oh, shoot

On the face of it, this game didn't seem like it would be very's sort of a Tempesty Galaxianish Gyrussy sort of thing, nothing too innovative...but then I discovered the cumulative scoring mechanism. For every enemy you shoot without missing, the amount you score for killing the next enemy goes up by 10% of the base score for that enemy (so the 50 point aliens go up 5 points for each consecutive successful shot, the 100 point aliens go up 10 points, and so on). That...would be the addictive part. But now really, seriously, I swear, I'm going to stop playing and go draw the next Six Things. After one more game.

(Via Jay Is Games. Smaller, harder version of the game here. Here's my high score on the easier version of the game, in case you're feeling competitive.)

Posted by Francis at 12:51 AM
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