April 27, 2006

Baby, you can hear their car

Now that I've heard the single (downloadable -- legally! -- here) from the upcoming New Cars album, I have to say that bringing Todd Rundgren onboard was a fine, fine idea. (Although, seriously, who is responsible for the lyric "So put me in your Blackberry / And I'll take your e-mail"? Oog.)

The reason this reunion is brilliant is because it solves the problem that reuniting bands generally face: they have to write new songs, and if they were still writing songs as catchy as their old ones, maybe they wouldn't have fallen into obscurity. The solution? Get a new songwriter who is good at pastiche. Could we also get Todd Rundgren to join Duran Duran, maybe?

Posted by Francis at 06:30 PM

I'll be damned. This is actually a pretty decent Cars pastiche, though I think it suffers from the same overproduction that mars both "Heartbeat City" and "Door to Door." (The biggest problem with "Door to Door" is still that the songs suck, but the slick production doesn't help.)

Now I'm kind of tempted to go see The New Cars when they come to town. I saw The Cars twice, including one of their last shows (at the old Boston Garden), and while they always sounded great, Ric Ocasek had lousy stage presence. Any idea whether Rundgren would liven them up a bit?

Posted by: Debby at April 28, 2006 09:17 AM

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