March 17, 2006

Truth in advertising

I saw an ad for My Gym Partner's a Monkey on the subway this week, and I thought...huh, that is like the children's-TV version of the naming convention that is bringing us Snakes on a Plane. You know absolutely everything you need to know about that show and that movie from those titles. Here are some other movies and TV shows renamed in the same fashion:

Survivor --> Manipulative Jerks on an Island
Titanic --> Class Divisions on a Boat
Thelma and Louise --> Feisty Women in a Car
Curb Your Enthusiasm --> Larry David on an Unbroken Streak of Doing Things That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable
The X-Files --> My FBI Partner's Always Spouting Dubious Conspiracy Theories
Arrested Development --> Another Actually Funny Show on Fox That the Network Has No Idea How to Promote and Will Cancel Within Three Years
Sex and the City --> Sex, in a City

Posted by Francis at 04:50 PM

"Manipulative Jerks on an Island" is actually the name for "Lost."

Posted by: Christopher at March 18, 2006 04:32 AM

It's also the name for "Sex and the City."

Posted by: Doug at March 18, 2006 04:56 PM

Thelma and Louise, a movie about the desperation of two women driven to suicide by the oppression and persecution of a patriarchal and sexist society - and you call it "Feisty Women in a Car?" That's demeaning. Thelma and Louise were much more than "feisty." They were brave and tragic.

Posted by: Georgiana at March 20, 2006 11:50 AM

Next time I make fun of a movie, I'll be sure to see it first instead of basing my mockery on its parody in The Simpsons.

Posted by: Francis at March 20, 2006 11:53 AM

"The desperation of two women driven to suicide by the oppression and persecution of a patriarchal and sexist society" is also the plot summary for "Sex and the City".

Note, by the way, that the trend isn't necessarily new; don't forget "My Stepmother is an Alien" and "So I Married an Axe Murderer". One could argue that "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" pretty much summed up the point of the show as well.

Posted by: Lance at March 22, 2006 10:44 AM

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