January 25, 2006

Think they'll figure it out in time?

So the Senate is on the verge on confirming Alito, and thus signing away some percentage of their power, since Alito feels that the president should be able to do anything he wants whether Congress likes it or not, based on his understanding of the Constitution. Explain to me again how someone doesn't get flunked out of law school if he argues that the founding fathers of America obviously fled the U.K. in order to create their own crypto-monarchy? Whatever.

Anyway, no Republicans are opposing the nomination. Swell. But let's look over here at this article about the White House refusing to provide requested documents about the Katrina response:

...Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, objected when administration officials who were not part of the president's staff said they could not testify about communications with the White House.

"I completely disagree with that practice," Ms. Collins, chairwoman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said in an interview Tuesday.

Well, get ready for more of it, Susan!

Posted by Francis at 01:37 AM