December 30, 2005

Last-minute geek alert

You've got one day left to pick your favorite games of the year for the top 10 list at Jay Is Games. My picks were:

Игра прачка
Babycal Throw
Grow RPG
Guess the Google
Kingdom of Loathing
The ESP Game

...and there are lots of other goodies on the list. (Like, now I think I should have maybe voted for Tork instead of Kingdom of Loathing. Oh well.)

Posted by Francis at 06:10 PM

I think "Floats" is the only one I also voted for. I think I did vote for Tork, and I know I voted for the Legoland turn-based spyware-fighting game. Excellent, excellent strategy game.

Posted by: Lance at December 31, 2005 10:30 PM