December 07, 2005

This is the way the song ends -- not with a bang, but a five-minute-long keyboard solo by Rick Wakeman

I've been getting lots and lots of links with complimentary comments from people who found Holy Tango on Boing Boing and Metafilter, and that's been great -- but I was especially psyched to see that one of my linkers posted a poetry parody of his own with the killer title "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prog-Rock". Since I am a Yes/Rush/Genesis/Jethro Tull/you-name-the-band-that-writes-songs-in-7/4 fan from way back, I had high hopes for this, and I was not disappointed.

Do I dare
Steal beer money from my mother’s purse?
After school there will be time
For guitar licks and cool rock kicks that I promised to rehearse.

Turn on the blacklight and read the whole thing.

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Posted by Francis at 09:40 PM
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