September 28, 2005

The waiting is the hardest part

A while ago, Rose pointed out that our music collection could perhaps stand to have more Bruce Springsteen CDs. (I've got a paltry three -- his first two, and "The Rising" -- as well as the tribute album of different people covering the entire "Nebraska" album, which doesn't really count.)

But I did not actually buy any more Bruce CDs, because they were all still in the same crappy no-frills CD format that they'd been in ever since CDs were invented, and it seemed obvious that they must be due for some sort of remastering or bonus-CD treatment of some sort. Well, clearly my patience has paid off.

Posted by Francis at 04:16 PM

Speaking as someone who's a kinda on-the-fence admirer of Mr. Springsteen, that huge live box w/ him and the E Street Band from the '75-85 might be all you need beyond the first couple albums.

Posted by: Pareene at September 28, 2005 04:35 PM

Damn you! I am now earwormed with "Rosalita"!

Posted by: Erin at September 28, 2005 06:26 PM

Oh, crap, that song's like eight minutes long! I'm sorry!

Posted by: Francis at September 28, 2005 06:44 PM

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