September 06, 2005

And then when Condoleezza complained that Spamalot was actually kind of hackneyed, Bush promised to fix that too

Rose and I spent the weekend in Boston (friends were throwing a big party), and, while we were having breakfast at our local diner before heading off to catch the Greyhound, we saw the Daily News front page headline: SHAME OF A NATION. Seems the Daily News, like Rose and me, thought our government was proving itself to be a royal bunch of fuckups in the Katrina aftermath. Hmm, I thought, this seems like a hard story to spin; I wonder what headline the NY Post has come up with, since they never, ever criticize the GOP, unless it's to take them to task for being too liberal. Could this tragedy actually be big enough to make the Post say something against the Bush administration?

On the way to the subway, we spotted a copy of the Post. The cover featured a picture of Bush sitting down with someone, conversing thoughtfully. The headline: "I'll Fix It." By staging photo ops, apparently.

(Here is an alternate take on the same two covers.)

Posted by Francis at 06:27 PM

It was nice seeing you guys at the ACE's. And I did order the book. Finally.

Posted by: ACW at September 8, 2005 12:02 PM