August 03, 2005

Powerful pain relief

I have spent much of my free time today going through the archives of The Pain. You could do worse than to do the same. Here's a quote that pleased me inordinately, from the commentary on one of the comics:

But that’s liberals for you: never happy, always agitating for change, clamoring for some hopeless pie-in-the-sky fantasy world where gay people get married and health care is free and nobody has to be poor, or where women work in offices and frequent saloons and Negroes can vote and must be addressed as “Mister”, where slavery doesn’t exist and men live without kings to rule them. Dream on, crackpots!
Posted by Francis at 07:25 PM

I'd really like to quote this, can you give a specific comic that it was tied to on The Pain? TY

Posted by: Liz at August 5, 2005 12:41 AM

Sure -- it's here. I should really have linked to it in the first place, honestly, but I was speed-blogging.

Posted by: Francis at August 5, 2005 01:24 AM
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