July 24, 2005

Week in Review

It's really been quite a week for Sean Delonas, lame editorial cartoonist for the New York Post. Let's see what stories he deemed most important over the past seven days.

For Monday he drew no cartoon. On Tuesday, the most important news item was a New York Post contest. (Although...if the Post meant the city, why did they build the extra-wide bed in the middle of their office?) On Wednesday, what could be more important than Bush's pick for a Supreme Court nominee? Why, Jude Law of course. The Jude Law saga was so complex and nuanced, in fact, that one single editorial cartoon could not capture all its complexities and nuances, so Mr. Delonas followed up on Thursday with this cartoon (although a close inspection will reveal a nod to one other news item of the day: a painting of James Doohan being beamed up to heaven, truly another testament to the ingenuity and originality that is Sean Delonas). On Friday, our cartoonist's eye turned to international matters and terrorism in London with a cartoon apparently intended to convey the controversial message that terrorists have attacked the London Underground (and that British people have bad teeth). Brave stances both.

Mr. Delonas took Saturday off. And then, today, we have this. Not sure what to think about this one. On the one hand, I do think that the random bag searches are kind of a dumb idea, but on the other hand, if this is supposed to be a cartoon in favor of racial profiling, well...racial profiling didn't do such a great job in London, did it?

Posted by Francis at 10:47 PM

What exactly is Osama carrying in that last toon? You'd think it was a backpack with a bomb, but apparently, according to the label, it's actually just a large bag of political correctness. Is this the new metaphysical terrorism -- a big bag of political correctness to blow up in America's faces! -- or just a poor location to blatantly state the theme of the strip? I'm hoping for the former.

Posted by: jason at July 25, 2005 12:05 PM
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