June 30, 2005

Where have all the thingies gone? They've gone to whatsits, every one

You may have noticed there's been no Six Things today. I regret to say none will appear in the next eight minutes either. After 12 solid hours of proofreading, and my escape only made good by a promise to come in early tomorrow to finish the rest, there just warn't no time fer cartoonin' t'day.

While I was having to think way too hard about laptops and wireless mice, Gothamist linked to this analysis of what containers would be illegal on the train if these new subway regulations go through. I see my fears about twisty-cap bottles are correct! But "sport top" bottles, or squeezy bottles (as I like to refer to them), are fine. That is, they're fine in the "not getting fined" sense; in the sense of "do I consider them a pleasant thing to drink from" they are emphatically not fine. So I am disgruntled.

I do apologize for the sporadic comic strip updates this week, especially since I'll be out of town next week for the National Puzzlers' League convention in Los Angeles, and thus the blog updates will not exactly be picking up next week. But I am hoping to come up with some stuff to amuse you in my absence.

Posted by Francis at 11:52 PM
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