June 24, 2005

Restoring my faith in the young generation

You may have noticed I'm a bit underbloggy this week; that's mostly because I'm one of the puzzle constructors working on the Saturday night extravaganza for the upcoming National Puzzlers' League convention, and working on that has been taking up tons of time. I hope to post the whole thing here after the con, although there are enough technical issues involved that it might take a while.

But I have, as you may have noticed, managed to keep Six Things going, and I decided that I felt confident enough in it as an ongoing project to get myself the domain sixthings.org, which currently refers to the archive page, but which should eventually be a separate functioning website on which there aren't 90 comics all on the same page.

In other Six Things-related anecdotery, my train car this morning was deluged with young Asian kids at the East Broadway stop, one of whom took great interest in the sketches I was making for today's cartoon. (I learned from him that they were all off to see "Madagascar" for only $4 each.) So anyway, he was all, "I like your drawings. You're a CARTOONIST? That is so cool! How do I find your cartoons?" And I was like, "Well, they're on the Internet, and...oh, hell, here's the URL." I went on to explain that, really, the cartoons were very cuss-filled and were not the sort of thing that a large percentage of parents would be best pleased to find their kids reading, but he said that he and his parents watch Family Guy all the time, and I have to say that, even with the cussing, I think I'm way tamer than that. Still, as he was heading out with the other kids, I called after him, "Don't tell your parents I corrupted you!"

Posted by Francis at 12:33 PM

Is it okay if I post some of your comics on my own blog? (with the proper credit and link to your site, of course)


Posted by: Igor Z at June 24, 2005 05:46 PM

Heck, other people have been doing that without asking permission, so go for it, and thanks for asking! (But please host the duplicate images on your own site instead of linking to the image source here.)

Posted by: Francis at June 24, 2005 05:51 PM

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