June 11, 2005

One of the most traditional "stuff I did and stuff I'm going to do" blog entries I have done in ages

Had a great run this morning -- it was my first time running in the park since the previous blog entry about running, two weeks ago (which is to say, it was my second time running in the park). Since I was totally wiped out after two laps last time, I decided to take one step further into this crazy, crazy world where I am a "runner" and buy Gatorade, on the theory that, since I sweat like craaazy, maybe a drink that replenishes some of my body's salt just might be a good idea. It's a radical notion, I know. And yet, it seems to have helped, because I ran ten miles! For the first time ever! In 1:27! (Not counting a brief rest stop at one of Prospect Park's port-a-johns on the third lap.)

So I'm feeling pretty confident, which is probably a good way to feel before I head over to MoCCA to buy comic books and hand out copies of the hand-stapled "selections from Six Things" booklets that I put together last night. (Sadly, they do include the misquotation of that Human League song from yesterday, but since that will be fixed in future editions, that will just make this initial run of 20 even more valuable, like that stamp with the upside-down plane.) I hadn't even decided if I wanted to go to the comic book show this weekend until about 9:00 last night, so much proofreading do I have to do this weekend, but then I thought, don't be an idiot. Of course you're going to go. And if you don't make some booklets, you will be kicking yourself for months. So suck it up already. They came out pretty good, actually, despite the incredible speed at which I put them together.

And then, this evening, They Might Be Giants is playing a free kid-friendly show at the South Street Seaport at 7:30. Rose and I will be there as well, in case you want to try to find us. We'll be the ones you can't find.

Posted by Francis at 01:31 PM

Ralph Covert/Ralph's World is also playing a free kid-friendly show there—another group that offers grown-up friendly music for kids. Catchy hooks, clever lyrics, a variety of genres (rock, blues, reggae).

Posted by: Orange at June 11, 2005 02:51 PM

And how come there's no "Six Things" book at Amazon?

Posted by: Orange at June 11, 2005 03:12 PM