June 10, 2005

Dress your parody in cough drops and dammits

In the most recent David Sedaris essay, he refuses to change seats on a plane so that a couple can sit together, a piece of behavior that might as well have been designed to make me have no sympathy for him (despite the fact that the woman who asks him to change seats did it in a highly undiplomatic way, going straight from "could you...?" to "what is your problem?" in mere moments), so much do I hate people who make a big production of how inconvenient it is for them to slide over one seat on the subway so Rose and I can sit together.

Sedaris doesn't want to move because the husband's seat is in the bulkhead, and Sedaris, unlike me, likes to not have leg room, so he can prop his knees up on the seat in front of him (which is, incidentally, another thing that annoys me, having people prop their knees against the back of my seat on an airplane; if you think the person in front of you can't feel it, you are fooling yourself). Sedaris's argument to the woman is that the flight is only 90 minutes, and is that really so much time to spend not sitting next to your spouse? But if that's the tack you're going to take, is 90 minutes that long to sit up straight?

Anyway, that's all a long way of getting to what I really wanted to point out, which is that TMFTML was inspired by that New Yorker essay to write a very funny David Sedaris parody.

Posted by Francis at 03:43 PM