May 18, 2005

Speaking of Frist's yet another example of the media parroting the GOP line:

Reid also suggested that Frist call a senators-only meeting in the Capitol's Old Senate Chamber — no aides, just all 100 senators — where they could hash out the controversy on their own, just as they did to work out how senators would handle President Clinton's impeachment.

"Have all of us retire to the chamber, sit down and talk through this issue to see if there's a way we can resolve this short of this nuclear option," Reid said. His reference to "nuclear option" was to the terminology Democrats have given to Republican threats to curtail their ability to filibuster judicial nominees.

Well, okay, except "nuclear option" wasn't coined by Democrats; it was coined by Republicans, who then tried to disassociate themselves from it because it sounded negative. Read more about it here. And browse the other articles while you're there, if you feel like causing yourself to rend your clothes to shreds in frustration and fury.

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