May 09, 2005

I love radio

After months of having my Amazon rank hover around 120,000, I'm up to 6,413 as of this moment, thanks (no doubt) to my appearance on The Next Big Thing.

Also kind of cool: I learned from a new review at Barnes and Noble that a high school English class was given my Gwendolyn Brooks parody to read. (I assume the student read the rest of the book on her own, because I think giving high school kids a copy of David Mamet's "Dammit, Dave" is probably enough to get one fired.)

Posted by Francis at 03:01 PM

I just listened to the show online. Very nice!

I love the fact that they used a line from one of your poems as the title of the show.

Good job.


Posted by: Kathryn at May 12, 2005 02:35 PM