May 07, 2005

Mean Mr. Custard

I am dumbstruck. (That is to say, I am struck by an example of incredible dumbness.) Are you familiar with finger-finder #2? Not the woman with the chili and the getting arrested and the apparent hoax and whatnot, but the guy in North Carolina who found a finger in his frozen custard that had been cut off by a custard mixing machine? Well, apparently, it might have been possible for the finger to have been reattached to the unfortunate worker it used to belong to, but the guy who found it refused to give it back, declaring as he exited the store "that he would be calling the TV stations and an attorney." (Read all about it here.)

I mean, what a brilliant plan! Keep the finger so that you can sue the custard stand for emotional distress, while opening yourself up to a liability claim for wantonly depriving an injured man of a body part! (Not to mention just being a cold-hearted bastard in general.) Truly, this fine land of ours is filled with idiots.

(Via Boing Boing.)

Posted by Francis at 01:59 AM