April 19, 2005

Bad news, good news

In case any of you have been thinking to yourselves, "Wasn't Francis supposed to do a reading in Washington, D.C., this week?" -- well, yes, I was. But the reading series was cancelled due to insufficient sales. Annoying, but whaddayagonnado. Can't say I'm surprised -- it's hard enough to get people to come listen to a humor reading when it's free.

But! I've just heard I'll be appearing on the Joey Reynolds show in the middle of the night on May 6, along with David Bader (Haiku for Jews) and A.J. Jacobs (The Know-It-All). Should be fun. More details when the date approaches.

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No kidding, I just found your book on my roommate's shelf. She said "Oh my god, I love that book. It's so hilarious I keep quoting it in conversation." Screw them and their insufficient sales.

Posted by: WesleyJenn at April 20, 2005 07:40 AM
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