April 15, 2005

Whipping Post

As if the ongoing stream of bad editorial cartoons at the Post were not entertainment enough, today's cartoon features a delightful series of mistakes. As you know, we here at Cargo get a daily compilation of the day's gossip pages, which include the Post's cartoon. But I hadn't yet gotten a copy of that when Col advised me (in the Bill Frist comment thread) to check out today's offering from editorial cartoonist ordinaire Sean Delonas:


How could it be better? A missing apostrophe after "boys" and a misspelling of "attendance"! Delightful. But then I received my daily gossip roundup and saw that someone must have sent a note asking for a correction...and given the result, I assume it was worded in this fashion: "The word 'attendance' is misspelled and punctuation is missing after 'boys'":


Yes, they changed the cartoon so that the speaker is referring to a single female teacher as if she is a group of boys. The only thing that could improve this is if "Principal" had been misspelled as "Principle" on the door.

Posted by Francis at 04:03 PM

LOVE it! (They don't know the difference between an apostrophe and a comma???)

Posted by: Badaunt at April 15, 2005 10:30 PM


Oh, wait--I mean "Awesum."

Posted by: I. at April 16, 2005 12:43 AM

And shouldn't it be "teacher-kid affair"? You don't just plunk two nouns next each other. Maybe it's a slash instead of a hyphen (I can't find a reference for this), but it needs something.

(parent-teacher conference, attorney-client privilege...)

Posted by: John at April 16, 2005 04:43 PM