April 15, 2005

Rulings, with an iron Frist

Well, what a lovely way to wake up. The top story on the New York Times website this morning is "Frist Set to Use Religious Stage on Judicial Issue":

As the Senate heads toward a showdown over the rules governing judicial confirmations, Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader, has agreed to join a handful of prominent Christian conservatives in a telecast portraying Democrats as "against people of faith" for blocking President Bush's nominees.

Fliers for the telecast, organized by the Family Research Council and scheduled to originate at a Kentucky megachurch the evening of April 24, call the day "Justice Sunday" and depict a young man holding a Bible in one hand and a gavel in the other. The flier does not name participants, but under the heading "the filibuster against people of faith," it reads: "The filibuster was once abused to protect racial bias, and it is now being used against people of faith."

Gosh! Did you know that every single judge that the Democrats have not blocked was an atheist or an agnostic? Neither did I! That's amazing!

Later in the article, John McCain once again proves himself to not be crazy:

Dr. Frist has threatened that the Republican majority might change the rules to require only a majority vote on nominees, and Democrats have vowed to bring Senate business to a standstill if he does.

On Thursday, one wavering Republican, Senator John McCain of Arizona, told a television interviewer, Chris Matthews, that he would vote against the change.

"By the way, when Bill Clinton was president, we, effectively, in the Judiciary Committee blocked a number of his nominees," Mr. McCain said.

Well, yes, thank you. And yet, somehow, it's hard to be heartened by calm statements of centrism when you have psycho nutjobs with massive amounts of followers who buy their crazy propaganda.

"As the liberal, anti-Christian dogma of the left has been repudiated in almost every recent election, the courts have become the last great bastion for liberalism," Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and organizer of the telecast, wrote in a message on the group's Web site. "For years activist courts, aided by liberal interest groups like the A.C.L.U., have been quietly working under the veil of the judiciary, like thieves in the night, to rob us of our Christian heritage and our religious freedoms."

Yes! The courts, like thieves in the night, interpret the law based on legal precedent and our nation's Constitution in secret bunkers that speckle this great country like so many blackheads, and then take their decisions the moment they are written and lock them in a titanium safe ten miles below the planet's crust, only returning to the earth's surface by the light of the moon to feed on the flesh of the living and periodically urinate on holiday manger displays.

Now I really do need a shower.

Posted by Francis at 08:34 AM

By the way -- particularly shitty editorial cartoon in the Post today... not like that's new...

Posted by: Col at April 15, 2005 10:04 AM

We live in a country where an athiest can't get elected dogcatcher and the zealots are complaining because the only have all of the power.

Posted by: ugarte at April 15, 2005 12:43 PM

Of course, according to many of those same anti-judiciary zealots, the Oregon Supreme Court justices who ruled yesterday that Multnomah County had no legal right to issue marriage licenses to gay couples are upstanding citizens promoting the virtues of our system of laws. The fact that the pragmatist in me is forced to admit that the legal argument behind the ruling is the correct one doesn't mean I have to like that they're picking and choosing which judges to vilify.

Posted by: Scott at April 15, 2005 01:51 PM