April 08, 2005

Attempted shopping synergy

Just noticed an amusing result of the BoringBoring project. Remember this ad?


Clicking on it took you to an Amazon page where you could buy plain white T-shirts. Well, add that to the Holy Tango link and this is what you get:


Speaking of Holy Tango, I noticed that a few people have recently commented about it here and there on the Web. (Cute how I say "noticed" like it was an accident, and I wasn't Googling myself.) This bookstore included a glowing blurb about the book in their newsletter; I must say I am fond of the phrase "screamingly funny", especially when it is applied to me. And you know what phrase is almost as sweet? "Impulse buy". Slightly less exciting is "A collection of parodies of poets and dramatists", but at least it's true, and it is, after all, evidence that someone who I do not know personally bought my book, which is the key to success as an author.

Posted by Francis at 09:45 PM