April 04, 2005

Clip service

Someone found my blog by searching on the phrase "how to wear a tie clip". Since I believe in helping people, I will attempt to answer his query.

1) Put on a shirt
2) Button it
3) I hope you have pants on, because now I'm going to tell you to tuck that shirt in
4) Put on a tie
5) Pick up tie clip, grasping it firmly between your thumb and forefinger
6) Squeeze it
7) Slide it so that the negative space within the clip is replaced with a combination of tie fabric and shirt fabric; attempt to accomplish this without pushing the tie off-center in the process
8) Vertical placement of the tie clip is a matter for your own aesthetic consideration; I personally favor a fairly low position on the tie (a little more than halfway down the shirt), but whatever works for you. Like, if you want to wear it really high on your shirt and look like an idiot, that is your right. Do, however, try to avoid aligning the clip exactly with one of the shirt buttons. Use this handy mnemonic to remember: "On the button, ain't worth nothin'; in between, lookin' keen."
9) You are now ready to face the world.

Posted by Francis at 03:49 PM in Ties