April 01, 2005

State of the prank

Boring Boring is going very nicely (25,000 hits and counting as of this moment), and if you haven't checked it since this morning, you might want to read the update. Props to my collaborators, Jim and Debby. We are all loving the awesome response, like all the comments at Metafilter, although Cillit Bang misreads our intentions considerably (I guess he didn't check out the metadata):

I love how the Boing Boing people don't seem to get that this is actually rather vicious and wouldn't be worth doing if the original didn't suck.

Clearly he doesn't see that only people who are fans of a site would expend so much effort parodying it. The only other particularly negative (or at least halfhearted) comment I saw was over at Making Light, where Teresa Neilsen-Hayden says our parody "unfortunately ... succeeds in being dull." Ah well. I can't get too worked up over it, when all I really care about is all the e-love sent our way by my Internet crush Xeni.

And, yes, to elaborate on one of the new Boring Boring links, someone else has posted their own Boing Boing parody, Gakker. The graphics are more of the hastily knocked-off variety and less of the where-did-the-last-two-weeks-go variety, but it's still pretty amusing. What's with the name, though? Did they plan to do a Gawker parody and then get sidetracked?

Posted by Francis at 04:54 PM