March 28, 2005

The rain in trains

Today was (and still is) a rainy day, and you know what that means for commuters: idiots putting their wet umbrellas on subway seats.

Well, today I happened to be prepared. Ha ha! As the woman moved her things with an interesting combination of an abashed expression and the traditional "I can't believe you're making me take up only one seat" look of entitlement, leaving a pool of water on the seat, I whipped out a wad of paper towels and triumphantly dried the seat. Take that! I don't know if you thought leaving a wet seat next to yourself would ensure that you had no neighbor for your commute, but you were wrong, sister.

Even better, I then got to be a seat-drying vigilante. The seat directly behind mine had also been sullied by an inconsiderate umbrella depositor, and a fellow commuter was looking grumpily down at the wet spot. I reached over with the wad of paper towels pulled from my utility belt and wiped that seat! Oh yes! Idiots beware -- for Wiper-Man awaits!

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One commuter thinks you're a hero. Everyone else who saw it thinks you're a dweeb. Godspeed, you black emperor.

Posted by: bpd at March 29, 2005 05:27 PM
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