March 03, 2005

Where do you get your ideas?

Columbine was in town last weekend, and when I showed him a draft of yesternight's cartoon, he said, "'Six Things' really is an example of random neurons firing in your brain, isn't it?" Well, yes, sometimes, but there is often an actual inspiration.

For instance: I was heading to the F train platform as I was on my way to meet Columbine, his wife, and Rose for dinner, and I had a pen and paper with me so I could take notes for word search theme ideas (for another one of these, although this one will be shaped like a coffee cup instead of a toilet). As I came down the stairs, I noticed that Redemption Song Man was at the foot of the stairs, suiting up with his guitar and portable amp.

We could hear the faint sound of someone else in the station playing acoustic guitar, and R.S.M. didn't think much of his playing, shouting (multiple times) "Practice at home!" and muttering something about how if you were going to play your guitar in the subway, you should be entertaining the people. He then started playing "Roxanne" (thus revealing that his repertoire has expanded once again). And, honestly, it sounded pretty good. But it did make me realize, gee, Sting used to be a really controlling guy back before his "If you love somebody set them free" days: I told you once I won't tell you again, don't do this, don't do that, don't stand so close to me, I'll be watching you, jeez. So there you are.

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