March 02, 2005

This shirt sucks

One thing I have learned in my new career as a copy editor is that, damn, magazines sure do receive a lot of promotional stuff, most of which never sees print. Here's a T-shirt that arrived here recently that we apparently decided not to use for some reason:


Classy, right? Surely an item that any woman would love to, naturally, you would want to send it to a men's magazine. The thing that really makes it such a special item, though, is the fact that it looks like it was meant to be worn by an eight-year-old girl. To give you a sense of its tininess, here it is, placed on top of another T-shirt (hand-dyed by Rose) we had lying around:


It's not even an extra small -- it's a medium "one size" which the company claims should fit all women from size 0 to size 8 (although my informants from the female world tell me that size numbers for women are essentially meaningless):


American Apparel explains this by saying that the fabric is stretchy. I suppose if you're the sort of person who would want to wear this shirt, you would want it to be skin-tight. I'm just surprised it doesn't come pre-doused with water.

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