March 01, 2005

The interpreters

I keep meaning to mention to any fellow music obsessives in the audience that there's an mp3 blog I've been addicted to recently: Copy, Right?. It features nothin' but cover songs, and anyone who's ever heard any of my mix CDs knows what a sucker I am for cover songs. The songs currently featured include one of my all-time favorite covers, Anthrax performing Joe Jackson's "Got the Time". (And other goodies -- the Kronos Quartet's version of "Marquee Moon" from Rubaiyat, an electroclash version of "I Love Rock and Roll". Seriously, check it out.)

Posted by Francis at 08:25 AM | TrackBack

As a huge JJ fan, I had a listen...pretty good!

Posted by: Tyler at March 1, 2005 11:28 AM
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