February 21, 2005

Night of the Hunter

I see that Hunter S. Thompson killed himself yesterday. To some extent this doesn't surprise me...because he was crazy...but part of me feels like, "Why now?" Like, the man had been leading an incredibly debauched, self-destructive life for decades and lived this long -- why not just ride it out? He doesn't seem like someone with so much self-control that if he had any suicidal impulses, he wouldn't have just done it ages ago.

On a somewhat lighter subject, I wonder how he would have felt about this odd headline juxtaposition.

Posted by Francis at 01:21 PM

Vis-a-vis that headline juxtaposition, someone (who prefers not to be identified) sent me this brief pastiche:

Look at me, I'm Hunter T.,
Lousy with depravity.
Shot my own head so I'm legally dead --
Why not? I'm Hunter T.!

Posted by: Francis at February 21, 2005 06:36 PM