January 23, 2005

Don't you hate people who only write songs about their personal life?

Now that "Up on Islam" is available for download elsewhere, I've replaced it with one of my older songs, the acoustic version of my sorta-goth-but-not-really vampire tune, "The Ranks of the Undead".

Posted by Francis at 03:50 PM | TrackBack

well how can you put your hear and soul into a song if you didnt experience the feelings for yourself to no i dont hate it when people write about their personal life it passes on guidence and lessons whats so wrong with that?

Posted by: cleo at February 14, 2005 01:30 PM

Perhaps if you downloaded the song you would understand that I am gently poking fun at myself for writing too many songs about my personal experiences as a vampire.

Posted by: Francis at February 14, 2005 01:38 PM