December 12, 2004

Do you speak words that can be understood by your mother with that mouth?

If you like a capella music in theory, but wish it were know...fucked up, I have the solution. Dokaka (who performs vocal percussion on the recent [and also fucked up, which I mean in the good way, of course] Bjork album) has a huuuuge selection of songs you can download, including three by Steely Dan, three by King Crimson, a Stevie Wonder medley, and "Round Midnight", among many others. Go and be puzzled and/or delighted

(Thanks to Jenny for the heads-up.)

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If you like your acappella in the fucked up variety, I have to recommend an absurd little trio called Double Dong.

I mean, good luck finding their one CD, but if you do... oh brother.

Posted by: bpd at December 12, 2004 08:59 PM