November 23, 2004

When meep met bork

That letter-writing campaign might be unnecessary. Word on the e-street is that Disney (who bought the rights to all the Muppet material not so long ago) is planning a box set of the first season of the Muppet Show. I guess I should have known it would all be okay when Disney stepped in -- those guys might not know how to make great animated features anymore, but they damn-right know their shit when it comes to marketing, and surely they would never overlook an obvious moneymaker like Muppet Show DVDs.

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They even cleaned up the old 1960's Spider-man cartoon for DVD -- the whole series. Heck, if they can do that for that crummy cartoon (which I still love -- thank you nostalgia) it doesn't surprise me that they will do the Muppet Show.

DVDs are pretty easy money, and Disney is getting more desperate nowadays for new revenues, especially with Pixar going bye-bye, no more feature animation as you mentioned, and the theme parks dripping red ink. Disney was once the biggest holdout for the DVD revolution, and there were some features you considered to be sacrosanct and never to be released. But about the only things left that we won't see in North American release are un-PC works like Song of the South and the most racial of the war cartoons. (I wanna see In Der Fuhrer's Face!)

Oh wait, what were we talking about originally? Oh yeah -- Muppets. Cool.

Posted by: Toonhead! at November 23, 2004 11:14 AM