November 03, 2004

Concession stand

Just watched Kerry's concession. I must say, I was hoping he'd be a little feistier, and not rely so much on the "we must start the healing" and "the country must unite" sort of boilerplate. You know what? Healing, shmealing. If we've learned anything from the last four years, it's that you can't work across the aisle with President Bush, because he's not really interested in doing anything that isn't anathema to liberals (and to most moderates, apparently). All you can hope to do is stop him from wrecking things much more than he already has.

Edwards had a solid never-say-die air about him, though. And is just a much better speaker than Kerry. Not so meandering. Edwards/Obama in 2008? Dean's still my dream candidate, but I don't know if he's ever going to shake off that whole punchline business.

Posted by Francis at 02:22 PM