November 02, 2004

The lighter side of trying to stave off an ulcer until the election results are in

It's not all partisan election monitors and leaked exit polls and white-knuckled gripping of my mouse today. There is still time for entertainment. For instance, I just contributed a verse to Happyscrappy's collection of election haiku (you'll see I adhere to the traditionalist view that a haiku should include a reference to the season).

I didn't get all the way through this saga of SimBush and SimKerry (and SimEdwards and SimCheney and, and, and you were there, SimSaddam, and...), but it's pretty entertaining, especially when it takes a surprise soap opera turn. (Thanks to Debby for the link.)

Here's a funny picture from a voting booth in California. Oh, wait, it's not actually funny, it's disturbing. Damn. It's so hard to stay focused on being lighthearted.

Jim Hanas indulged in some two-fisted voting this morning, by god.

Finally, the Daily Show has an election blog with the most up-to-date fake news on the Web.

And now if you'll excuse me while I go put some iodine on the fingernail scratches all along my inner arms.

Posted by Francis at 05:23 PM