September 10, 2004

Gimme some truth

The Swift Boat Liars for Truth commercial may be reprehensible, but at least it lends itself to parody pretty easily.

Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth contends that Bush, despite his efforts to depict himself as a reformed hard drinker, was actually a big lightweight.

Rowboat Veterans for Truth debunks the "heroism" of George Washington.

Sadly, Cheerleaders for Truth has exceeded its allotted bandwidth, so no news on the question of whether George W. Bush really earned a varsity letter in cheerleading at Yale.

And perhaps most controversial of all, we have G.I. Joe Veterans for Truth (mostly controversial because you'll have to sit through a Salon Day Pass ad to read the article).

(Thanks to Jon for the "Rowboat Veterans" link.)

Posted by Francis at 11:36 AM