September 08, 2004

Train, train, go away

Oy. My second day at work, and 45 minutes after heading out to the train station, I was still waiting for an F train. Or at least an F train I could fit on. I probably would've even gotten on the E train that appeared for no good reason, if it hadn't been jam-packed. (An E train? At Fort Hamilton Parkway? And then a D train appeared on the opposite platform. Mysterious.) And all the time I'm thinking, goddamn it, this is just the lamest excuse for lateness to have on my second day of a new job.

Of course -- as I learned once I gave up on the F train and walked 15 minutes to the semi-nearby Q station and listened to two cell phone messages from my boss, Emily, who was having similar train angst not so far away in Park Slope -- pretty much the whole subway system was screwed up. (My Q train wasn't even going to go into Manhattan at all, but changed its mind en route.) Apparently it's Frances's fault.

Posted by Francis at 11:46 AM

yeah, i was on a slow- and not-moving 4/5 train for about 35 extra minutes this morning. From the best I could glean from the Peanuts-teacher-like announcements, there were problems on the west side (2/3) - floods around 23rd st (and probably floods on the east side too) causing lots of people to have to get across town and thereby slowing things down. not surprised that everything was hit. people were straggling in as late as 10. ugh.

Posted by: Ken/Cazique at September 8, 2004 12:13 PM

More on the flooding.

Posted by: Francis at September 8, 2004 02:34 PM