September 01, 2004

Don't bite the hands that applaud

John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants talks about coffee and lying to the audience.

We were doing a show in Brooklyn and we basically started grousing about how lame the audience was at the Stone Pony the night before. The reality is that the audience at the Stone Pony the night before was a fantastic audience by any measure. We were just trying to prod the Brooklyn audience into being better than they would if the idea of competition wasn't in the picture. It was basically a big lie.

The recording of the shows catches us in lies, which really bothers me. I enjoy the in the moment of it all. I mean, if you can't lie on stage, where can you lie?!

I was at the Brooklyn show, and I believe we were a good set of audience members! Did John Flansburgh turn around and badmouth us to the next audience? I feel cheap.

Posted by Francis at 04:28 PM