August 29, 2004

Other things you can do with paper besides compare it to the internet

Rose got me started attending the yearly origami convention in Chelsea back in 2001, and it's been interesting to be a more casual attendee at something. (Generally, I go to puzzle conventions and crossword tournaments, where I am one of the more hard-core people in attendance.) You know -- while I'm able to fold some relatively difficult models, and can often fold things that are a bit beyond my skill level if someone who knows what they're doing is teaching the model, I'm just not really part of the subculture.

All of that is a long way of saying that I can see where Lore is coming from on some of his origami ratings. Like, I don't want to fold a thousand cranes, either. (I don't fold that often, so I want to fold cool, interesting models when I fold -- not more freakin' cranes.) However, Lore is dead wrong when he suggests that wadding up a piece of paper is a simple matter.

Posted by Francis at 08:20 AM