August 16, 2004

I hope the rest of the business world doesn't start picking up on this interpretation of "branding"

Columbine directed me to this article about a skateboarder and a manhole cover:

Magazine receptionist and DJ Liz Wallenberg ... was skating to see friends at an East Village club early Wednesday when she hit a bump in the road at 13th Street and Second Avenue.

"I landed with my arm and back straight onto the metal cover," Wallenberg said. "I noticed it was kind of hot, but I didn't realize how bad it was until my skin started to sizzle."

A distressed Wallenberg lifted her shirt and saw a large red imprint from the manhole cover on her back.

A large imprint that will possibly scar her for life. I know some hardcore people like to brand themselves, but I think they like to pick the images, at least. Anyway, the message is clear: manhole covers will fuck you up.

Posted by Francis at 01:48 PM